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by Labus Consulting

We help ambitious companies grow their business in tourism

Who We Are

We meaning you and me; Radmila Labus, a tourism expert based in Berlin, Germany, the capital of ideas and creativity.
I help develop and create 
for customers around the world.

I love what I am doing. I see my business as a way to inspire and to grow together.

With a rebellious spirit, I am advocate of operative business.

Success in anything has a very simple formula; commitment to the goal, faith in the outcome, and trust in the trainer.

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  • Integrity
  • Think deeply
  • Details
  • Question everything
  • Transparency
  • Spice everything

CV kommt hier.

CV kommt hier

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What We Do.

Smart Media Work

Media work it´s not about selling product, it´s about building the connection. Media work is nothing else than letting other people talk about you. By mastering the art of networking and armed with ice breaking conversations, I bring you and your product in front of the press.

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Effective Sales Promotion

When it comes to direct sales, I have my own philosophy. I don´t sell, I find out what your potential partners want to buy. I call this a royal road to convert sales leads into bookings.

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Energizing Events

Events are all about the personal relationships and emotions.
I believe that events can be fun, energizing and effective way to gain awareness and generate business. Germans just love education seminars, roadshows, workshops, fam trips and all this stuff. So why not invite them to learn more about you?

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Successful Travel Trade Fairs

Many clients are tell me that they are reducing their budgets for the trade fair attendance. In my opinion, in an increasingly digital age, this is the only place where the business is still conducted face to face. I love this traditional way where buyer, seller and product come together. Is there anything better than to have a cup of coffee (or glas of wine ) with your partner and talk about the business?

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Creative EU Funding in Tourism Sector

I nicknamed the EU funds. I call them “the jungle”. With current 700 EU programs, without any knowledge or experience, it´s seems almost impossible to identify the right program for your project. It is extremely time consuming. But sometimes the solution is hidden behind the next tree. Maybe your path leads thru women empowerment instead strictly tourism related.

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A Genious Digital World

Sparks fly out of nowhere and great fire can follow a small spark. We never know who will strike that match. (C.Myss) In the digital world, this was my son, a millennial nerd who striked this match and unfolded a completely new world for me. I am so proud to have an in-house solution for innovative web design and content. Let him re-invent and re-shape your digital footprint.

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Lead Expert for destination development, destination management and marketing.

National Tourism Boards and Embassies

Slovenian Tourism Organisation, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Palestine, Egyptian Tourism Authority, Haiti Embassy etc.

Marketing activities and Press Work

asr Bundesverband e.V.

Alliance of Independent Travel Companies Federal Association Germany

Committee International Relations



Representative office for Europe


Marketing and sales activities, product development