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I am a passionate foodie and cook and the first thing I am look for when travelling are the spices. I am always excited to visit market places full of colourful mountains of exotic spices. Nothing connects me more to the places I have visited, than the spices. Those small gastronomical souvenirs are little precious treasures, easy to carry with and the best reminder of my travel experience long time after my trip has ended.

Their aromatic smells, the colours and tastes are the soul of every meal I prepare. My magic ingredients and my way of offering to please the Creator and showing him my gratitude on a daily basis. I use them generously and enjoy playing with them.

After years of experience and record of accomplishment in different fields of tourism, starting my own business was the next natural step for me. I wanted to create a business framework that energized and excited me, like the spices, but which also allows me my own space to grow.

I analyzed the areas in which I had been successful, and that had enjoyed at a heart level. With my warm personality and commitment, I wanted to offer my services, which are effective, creative, ethical and affordable.

By making “in-house” and “do-it-yourself” approach the distinguishing aspect of my work, I am positioning myself in a very crowded tourism related consultancy world. I strongly believe that creating new business opportunities can be fun, energizing and effective just like playing with spices.

Trust your gut!